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Imagjen Media Networks (IMN) is owned and directed by Madeleine Jones. Developed on the Gold Coast, Madeleine has expanded 'Imagjen' from a hobby to a multi-faceted service company supplying clients with photography, videography, social media management and more. IMN additionally runs a 24 hour Online Print Store which supplies customers nationally and internationally with professional images printed on an array of top quality mediums for their home or office.

After graduating from Griffith University in 2012, Madeleine traveled extensively through her home country of Australia, continuing to Asia, India, Europe, eventually settling and residing in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was here that she fell in love with the Scottish Highlands. It was this love that inspired her to pick up a camera for the first time and capture a moment she could keep forever. 

Finding no lack of inspiration through the lens, Madeleine knew then that this was the medium for her but this was only the beginning...


"My love of nature inspires and excites me daily and I fervently wish to encourage others to appreciate life as I see it through my eyes. We live in a world overflowing with vitality, richness and wonder and if I can translate this in a way that inspires or helps others, then I will not only feel fulfilled but will feel that I have contributed in some small way in making this beautiful world of ours, a better place. I aim to provide all people who have been led to this site with inspiration, knowledge, high quality products and services and the chance to witness the world through my lens."

- Madeleine Jones


...returning home in 2014, Madeleine eventually took the leap. Quitting her full time job in 2016, she was committed to merging her three passions; photography, travel and helping others, into an ever growing, multi-faceted service company supplying clients with photography, videography and assistance services, social media management, content creation and more...

Madeleine is readily available for projects, nationally and worldwide.

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